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Reviews and Testimonials

Worldbridger Completion Ceremonies

Reviews by Participants

  • “I feel present, clear and joyful. I have better sustained energy than I have had for years – and the breath is ecstatic.” Jennifer
  • “I can no longer sustain relationships that are not based on equality. Everything has come into its place. I now feel that I have a structure that suits me as I am, not someone else’s.” Begoña
  • “I am now acutely aware of other people’s agendas, but I can be easy with this – it doesn’t cause me to lose my own centre.” Patrick
  • “I feel like I have had an injection of clarity.” John
  • “My ever expanding awareness that each moment for me now contains past, present and future has resulted in the realisation that I can see through all former realities and the illusion that is!” Claudia
  • “The anxiety I have had for years and the depression that was draining me have completely gone. I feel light and I find myself singing!” Teresa
  • “After a major operation I had closed down and was getting ready to die. After the Ceremonies I felt that I was returned to life. It was breathtaking – so subtle, but so powerful.” Dina

„Dear Claudie,
The ceremonies were such a deep and incredibly beautiful experience for me.
I was already able to experience a deep healing after the first ceremonies.
3 years ago I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, my twin soul. It was indescribably painful and I felt inwardly broken since then. I’ve done a lot to make it all right but nothing helped. Physically this pain was noticeable because at night I woke up often and got no more air. I often thought that I was suffocating and then I cried a lot because the pain was destroying me inside.
After the third ceremony a miracle happened to me at night. I woke up and I got an incredible amount of air – I could never breathe so much. I felt inside myself and then I felt this healing in me. I suddenly felt whole again. It was like a bullet in me that reassembled and was again one without scars.
I felt the pain of the brokenness and then he was completely gone.
I knew at that moment: I am one and I am whole and nobody can ever break me again.
I was so strong and even days after the ceremonies this oneness is still in me.
I’m whole again and I know this will stay that way. And for that I am infinitely grateful.
Thanks for your work and that you bring the templates here to Germany. For me, this is such a valuable experience that I can not express my gratitude in words.“

Personal Experiences on Video

View The Template Video Testimonials to hear individual participants describing their own experiences of The Template Workshops.


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