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My name is Claudie Planche. I am a teacher, writer, translator and holistic therapist. I offer a range of inspiring workshops. Originally I am from France, I live in England, I love travel, I am bilingual and like meeting people from all over the world. I teach personal empowerment and global awakening to help us all find answers to life’s key questions! Over the years I have had the privilege to have worked with hundreds of clients from many different countries. This means that I travel widely to give talks and events throughout UK, Europe and beyond.

Claudie Planche

Claudie Planche

Retreat Centre

My ‘spiritual home’ is in Glastonbury, the magical land of Avalon, where I run a unique Guest House called Stargaia Retreat. You can find out more about Stargaia and Glastonbury here: www.stargaia.com

Workshop Facilitator

My speciality is Sacred Geometry, particularly with The Template talks and workshops. If you would like to attend a workshop, or if you have a group interested in hosting one of my events, let me know via the Contact page.

Studies & Interests

My early studies included Languages, Literature, Science and many esoteric topics such as Healing, Astrology, Tarot and Ancient Wisdom. Later on I have refined my interests, leading to the publication and translation of a number of books on related subjects (see below).
I offer Astrology Readings – both Western and Mayan Astrology – as well as consultations and training in Tarot.


French Website – Site français

Les francophones sont invités à visiter mon site français:


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