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The book Worldbridger identifies universal Human concerns in the true story of two people, as they describe their 20 year initiatory journey with The Template.
The Template

The Template is now available in German!

The Template

The pioneering work known as 'The Template' originated more than 30 years ago. As The Template became more widely known it involved hundreds of participants, who gathered from all parts of the world to attend workshops by Juliet and Jiva Carter.
Their book 'Worldbridger' chronicles how Juliet and Jiva brought The Template into being. In vivid detail Worldbridger describes their true story and how their lives changed dramatically one unforgetful day! Other people's lives started to change too and that is why The Template became what it is today, a series of Sacred Geometry Workshops and Alchemical Ceremonies. Contact us if you would like to take part in a Workshop or find out more.

The Workshops
Workshops take place regularly around the world and we are now pleased to announce The Template in Germany in both German and English. The Template teacher Claudie Planche is based in Glastonbury and enjoys facilitating Sacred Geometry Talks and Workshops throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.
If you would like to attend a Template Workshop, or if you have a group interested in hosting one, please Contact us.

The Teacher
Claudie Planche's extensive knowledge of The Template goes right back to its beginnings, when she participated in the original Template Ceremonies in Glastonbury and Avebury. Claudie took part in her first Ceremony called “Original Innocence” in 1998 and has been facilitating The Template Workshops since 2002. Having attended the very first Template Ceremonies ever held, Claudie has acquired a thorough practical understanding of the transformational power initiated by The Template. Attending one of Claudie's workshops is a special experience. It is a great opportunity to gain insights into this incredible work as she openly shares the life changing information gained over 22 years.


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